* Attract new customers and clients.
* Increase repeat business and loyalty.
* Name recognition
* Special events (anniversary, wedding, trade show)
* Motivate employees, sales personnel.
* Promote special programs such as safety.
* Apologize for service/product problems.
* Thank you gifts for established customers (good will).
* Holiday gifts (for employees,suppliers, customers)
* Trade shows and conventions
* Training seminars
* Introduce new product to the market.
* Increase web site traffic.
* Improve response to direct mail campaigns.
* Company stores.

Of course, each individual person or business will have a specific way to use promotional products. We have many suggestions for special needs, themes and more. 

When you are planning a promotion, start by setting a goal for the results you want, i.e. to recruit fifty new employees to the company.

The next step is to set a budget for the promotion, including any additional costs such as artwork, shipping and distributing. Another great idea is to partner with a related business or supplier to share the cost of the project. An example of this would be stadium cushions for a fundraiser , on which many sponsors could be listed.

Give careful thought to the product you select...will it appeal to the targeted audience? Will it be useful and kept? Plan carefully on quantity as well. Although products can be significantly less at higher quantities, it would not be cost effective to order many more than you could ever use.

Contact us now for a complimentary analysis of your project. We'd be happy to offer ideas to fit the specific need and budget you have set. Email us anytime for personal service.

IDEAS - Marketing With Promotional Products

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